The Days Of Last Second Travel Plans Are Over

This past weekend, the Tackmann family hopped in the car to drive to Lake City for a family get-together.

It was a great time.

Got the chance to chat with some cousins I haven’t seen in a while. Say hi to Grandma. You know how reunions work so I won’t give all those details. Plus, that isn’t what this is all about.

This is about the single biggest change in my life-  comparing road trips from singledom to having a family.

Once upon a time, I would wake up, slap some deodorant on, brush my teeth, and roll out the door for trips like this.


Not so much.

Did you know people plan for their weekend getaways? Because I didn’t know that for a long, long time.

What used to be a about 8 minutes from rolling out of bed to on the road is now probably an hour.

Adult 1 gets ready.

Adult 2 gets Child ready.

Adult 2 gets ready.

Adult 1 gets stuff together.

Adults 1 or 2 packs car while the other tries and tries and tries to get Child to eat something… anything… please just a try a little before we go.

Finally get into the car.

Shoot, we need gas.

Let’s get a snack since we’re stopping (which I’m a proponent of everytime).

And we’re off!

Yes, it’s true. Your life changes a lot when you get married and it changes a lot when you add a small human to the equation. Literally, every single change is amazing and totally worth it.

But what used to be a non-factor (getting somewhere) is now like a whole thing and I’m writing this to say, if you need me somewhere just know I’m coming. I’ll just be a little later than planned because I don’t think I’ll ever get this figured out.

*Completely unrelated tangent- I chose the picture above because apparently there’s a place called Tuba City and I will never not promote the awesomeness of the tuba.

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