The Fall TV Season Is Going To Be Very Different

Most of us are wondering exactly when the new TV season will start this fall.  This is the time of year the networks begin shooting episodes for the fall season.  But this time around, the coronavirus has changed the way things will be done.

In Los Angeles,  the county has issued directives to production crews to safely reopen filming.  Non-actors should wear masks.   They’re also recommending 8 feet of social distancing for actors.  If the script requires actors to be closer, they’re asked not to speak to avoid spreading droplets while speaking.

If you’re expecting love scenes, they’re being discouraged.  Same with fight scenes.  This might be the most boring new TV season ever.  Everyone will wash their hands before filming a scene and no one should touch their face.  Hair and makeup will likely be limited to the biggest stars of a show and everyone else will be required to do their own make up.

As far as talk shows and game shows,  audience members will have to be spaced 6 feet apart and must wear masks when feasible.  Audience size will be limited to 100 people or 25 percent of the room capacity.  That should increase your chance of getting  to play on “The Price is Right” or “Let’s Make a Deal.”

CBS has 20 returning shows, while ABC and NBC have yet to announce their fall schedule.

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