The Flaw Of March Madness

The greatest four days of sports is this week with March Madness. Before that, however, are two of the dumbest days and it’s time to fix it.

I love March Madness. I love basketball. And most importantly, I love things to make sense. Which is why the first two days, the First Four, of March Madness are exactly that… maddening. I’m not hear to argue that the seeding system is messed up. It should probably be fixed but honestly, I don’t care. I’m not even here to argue that the expansion to 68 teams a few years ago was bad. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. Again, I don’t really care. However, the fact that two games in the First Four are playing for an 11 seed is enough for me to become so irrationally upset that I made and deleted four different tweets last night before deciding I shouldn’t send them because of how it might reflect both me and my employer.

Let’s look at this:

Tonight, Fairleigh Dickinson and Prairie View will play for the right to get creamed by a #1 seed. Tomorrow, NC Central and North Dakota State play for the right to get creamed by a different #1 seed. I have no problem with this. They earned a 16 seed. That’s incredible. But because they are 16 seed, the tournament is set up to be the most difficult journey to a championship. It’s totally fair. Duke has to win six games to take home the title. NDSU needs to win seven. That the point of a bracket and I love it. However…

Tonight, Temple and Belmont will play for a #11 seed. Tomorrow, St. John’s and Arizona State will play for a #11 seed. Which means, one of those teams would also need to win seven games to win a championship. In what universe does that make sense? No offense to Fairleigh Dickinson but their journey to a championship should be more difficult that Arizona State. I will never understand why it’s done this way.

“But Corey, these aren’t play-in games. They’re the First Four.”

They should be play-in games! Temple and St. John’s should be an 11. Belmont and Arizona State should be a 12. And whoever is in the 16 seed slots should be playing each other in the First Four. It’s simple.

All that being said, I won’t watch the games anyway and the NCAA doesn’t care what I think. So, I’ll see you on Thursday, March Madness. Let’s do this and please let me win every bracket challenge I’m in.

(Join our bracket challenge, “Superstation Madness”.)

Ok, now I’ve fixed Daylight Savings Time and March Madness. Tune in next time when I fix something else that doesn’t need it

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