Brad Williams’ Guide To A Great Weekend Day In Wadena

This is mostly a story about what my wife and I did this past Saturday.

We basically had no iron clad plans this past weekend.  Saturday morning as my wife and I were having coffee and contemplating our day, she suggested we have a steak over our campfire in the back yard for supper plans. That along with some fresh baby reds and other fresh veggies from the garden sounded beyond acceptable to me.

So we ventured into Wadena in the early afternoon to pick up a few supplies.  Our first stop was at Sweet Pickins, always love to just browse, then it was off grab a few groceries. Before we did so, we zeroed in on having a quick bite to eat, so we thought why not try Eats-N Ales located in the Drastic Measures building.  We had a couple of tasty appetizers, and of course a cool beverage to accommodate.

Now it’s time to get groceries, right?

Nope, we both decided on a pedicure. So right down the street we landed at Nails 2 Spa. My feet have never felt better, and for a guy, I’m not ashamed to say so.  After the spa, it was off to Super One Foods.  We picked a few groceries up and headed for home, after a few chores around our little farm, it was the time to meal plan.

I got a pretty good oak fire rolling in the fire pit and cleaned up the tri-pod while my wife got the rest of the meal ready.  Delicious does not not even come close to describing it. The over the fire  eye of chuck was amazing. The fresh green beans, broccoli, and potatoes all from our little garden was sure a good way to end a great day. It was one of the best days we’ve had just bumming here in Wadena.  We made our own fun…and had a blast doing so.

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