The History of Waylon Wednesday

Waylon Wednesday, at least for me, started many years ago.

My first job was at KNSP in Staples, working part time on weekends, back in those days I was more into Rock than Country, my Dad was a huge Waylon fan..he had all his albums, he gave me about 6-7 albums and said here….play his music and talk about him, make it a two hour program. So I did under the direction of our Program Director. Little did I realize all these years later he would become the center post of Country Music as I see it.  Now I have all of his albums, have seen him live numerous times, and now host Waylon Wednesday weekly on . 

A special treat for me personally will be this Saturday Night when the grandson of the country legend Whey Jennings, who’s father is the eldest son of Waylon, Terry Jennings will be performing live at Whisky Creek saloon in Wadena. Its not every day the bloodline of a Legend comes to town

We’ll be doing a live broadcast Saturday Night at 7p.m. It will be awesome, we’re going to give away some Waylon Wednesday T-shirts too, Folks should come out and say hi!

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