The Most Stressful Things About Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling this holiday season it may not be “Home Alone” stressful, but odds are your trip will not be stress free.

According to a survey finds study, the average person will have a dozen arguments or disagreements while traveling over the holidays.  And that’s not all..the average holiday traveler will have 8 really stressful moments during the trip.  So what are the things that stress travelers out most?

  1. Hazardous road conditions
  2. Heavy traffic
  3. Losing something
  4. Finding a parking spot at the airport
  5. Packing your bags
  6. Not having your ID when you get to the airport
  7. A delay in your flight
  8. The long TSA security line
  9. Having to wait at the baggage claim
  10. Dealing with a flight cancellation

I’ve spent a day at the Atlanta airport, had another driver run into the back of my rental car and have gotten locked in the bathroom of my motel room.  We all have our stories and they happen to everyone, so enjoy the holidays, they go quickly and then it’s on to 2020!

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