The Rumors Were Flying At The Minnesota Wild Game Tuesday Night

A disappointing season is coming to an end for the Minnesota Wild.  Everybody is speculating about what will happen in the offseason.

I attended the Wild game on Tuesday night with my son Sam.  During the first intermission we went to get a beer and we ran into a guy who seemed to know everything that might be happening over the next few months with the Wild.  He told us things we hadn’t heard from any other source.  He said that former North Star Mike Modano was coming back to work for the Wild in some capacity.  How did he know that?

He said Modano has been at the Xcel Energy Center on several occasions lately and is looking for a house in the Twin Cities and schools for his kids to attend!

Then he said he loves Bruce Boudreau as a coach but he doesn’t think Bruce will be back next year!  And then he told us the next coach is already coaching here as an assistant.

And who was this guy with all the inside information?  He was the beer vendor.  And why wouldn’t a beer vendor have access to all the hot rumors that go on in the building when he’s working there?

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