There’s $378 Million In The Mega Millions Jackpot Right Now. Hopefully This Situation Doesn’t Happen To You

We all dream of winning a big lottery jackpot.  Some of us are regular players, while others wait until the jackpot gets big to play with a group of people. One person can win $590 million dollars in the Powerball game and another loses their chance.

It was 7 years ago this week that Gloria MacKenzie claimed the $590 million dollar jackpot in Zephyrhills, Florida.  Gloria is 84 years old.  It’s the story that most of us hear, somebody who’s too old to spend the money always seems to win.  This is how Gloria won the entire jackpot…

34 year old Mindy Crandell was in line to buy a lottery ticket when Gloria stepped in line in front of her.  The clerk stopped Gloria and told Mindy she was next in line, when Mindy said, “let her go ahead.”  Gloria bought her quick pick ticket and left.  Mindy also bought a quick pick ticket and mentioned to her friends and family what had happened.  They all started teasing her that the old lady was going to win all the money.  Mindy brushed it off for 2 weeks until she realized that the woman who stepped forward to collect the Powerball prize was indeed the woman who had cut in front of her in line!

Mindy says she has no ill-will toward Gloria and says it taught her children a valuable lesson.  At the same time, she hoped that Gloria and her family would be blessed by all the money.

However, that’s not the way it turned out.  Five years after Gloria won, she sued her son Scott and his investment manager for squandering millions and gaining little in investments.  Another lesson for Mindy’s children.

Best of luck if you’re playing Friday or Tuesday.  Money can make your life better, but it certainly won’t solve all your problems and as the story proves, can create some brand new ones.

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