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Tim McGraw recorded “Hey Whiskey” when his voice was “shredded”

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Tim McGraw recently released his “very honest” song, “Hey Whiskey.” Although Tim didn’t write the song, he delivered it vulnerably because of his personal relatability to the topic, as well as the strained voice he had during the recording session. 

“The vocal that we kept on that song, that was the very first run-through at about 10 o’clock at night, when my voice was shredded and I had no voice left,” Tim tells Yahoo Entertainment in a recent interview. “That’s the vocal we ended up keeping, because it was so pure and honest.”

“I’m so glad we ended up keeping the rawness that we did,” adds the singer, who’s been sober since 2008.

“Hey Whiskey” will be featured on Tim’s upcoming album, Standing Room Only, due out August 25. The title track is #13 and ascending the country charts.

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