Top Party Schools In Minnesota

Hey parents, if you’re looking for some piece of mind, don’t look at the list of party of best party schools in Minnesota. It’s just not worth it.

Unless you like to binge drink, too. Then this list is for you!

According to, here are the top five party schools in Minnesota based on “student reviews and nightlife statistics.”

(The entire list can be seen at the link above.)

  1. U of M- Twin Cities: A+
  2. MSU- Mankato: B
  3. Winona State: B
  4. St. Thomas: A-
  5. St. Cloud State: C+

Don’t ask me why the grades jump all over the place, I didn’t read that closely. Besides, reading closely isn’t the point. It’s about where I can get cheap, light bear at bulk prices and quantities.

And because so many kids, for reasons I will never understand, attend NDSU, you’ll be happy to know they received an overall grade of B+. Turns out they drink beer in Fargo, too.

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