Vikings’ Cousins Is Concerned

You’ll never guess what Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins is worried about.

Offensive Line?  No.

Healthy running game?  Nope.

Injuries? Fumbles? His performance in “big” games?  No, no and no.

Cousins’ biggest concern so far in training camp is…his center’s butt sweat!

Apparently rookie center Garrett Bradbury’s butt has been really sweaty so far during practices.

It’s been so bad…at least in Cousins’ mind…that he asks the Vikings’ equipment crew to have several pairs of shorts available for Bradbury to change into in order to help keep the football dry.

The Vikings open the preseason against the Saints in New Orleans on Friday, August 9.  Listen all season long on Superstation K106 (105.9 FM).

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