Good News, The Vikings Are Going 16-0!

The Vikings schedule was released last night. You know what that means?!?! It’s time to play America’s favorite game “What Will Your Football’s Team Record Be?”

Here are the rules:

  1. Go through the schedule and predict whether your team will win or lose.
  2. Any reason for why you pick a win or loss is valid. (Important- if someone disagrees with you it needs to be very clear they are wrong and likely not as smart as you.)

Our category:

Minnesota Vikings

Schedule (prediction and why will be in bold):

Sunday, September 8th – vs. Atlanta- WIN- Home game. Home opener. Season openers. “There’s always next year” starts September 8th.
Sunday, September 15th – at Green Bay- WIN-  I’m a huge homer.
Sunday, September 22nd – vs. Oakland- WIN- They’re bad and ol’ Gruden isn’t too fond of his QB. They’re going to bad.
Sunday, September 29th – at Chicago- LOSS- I really don’t like Mitchell Trubisky. I think he’s Christian Ponder. However, Nagy is great and it’s in Chicago.
Sunday, October 6th – at New York Giants- WIN- This team might be the worst in the league… you know… going off of nothing and knowing Odel isn’t there anymore.
Sunday, October 13th – vs. Philadelphia- WIN- Home game. Crowd is going to be a monster because screw you Philly. I don’t care your QB is from Mandan. You suck.
Sunday, October 20th – at Detroit- WIN- They’re the Lions.
Thursday, October 24th – vs. Washington- WIN- Do you know who their QB is? It’s Case Keenum. Washington has the case of the Keenums. Not good for them.
Sunday, November 3rd – at Kansas City- LOSS-  Hahahahahahahaha this probably isn’t going to be close.
Sunday, November 10th – at Dallas, 7:20- LOSS- I don’t know. They’re good.
Sunday, November 17th – vs. Denver- WIN- Do you know who their QB is? It’s Joe Flacco. Denver has a case of the Flaccos. Not good for them.
Sunday, November 24th – BYE
Monday, December 2nd – at Seattle, 7:15- LOSS- I hate Seattle
Sunday, December 8th – vs. Detroit,- WIN- They’re the Lions.
Sunday, December 15th – at Los Angeles Chargers- LOSS- Eventually Phil Rivers is going to be bad. It might be this season but probably not.
Sunday, December 23rd – vs. Green Bay- WIN- I hate Green Bay
Sunday, December 29th – vs. Chicago- WIN- Will the real Mitchell Trubisky please stand up? (Spoiler alert: he will and he’ll suck. Bears crash back to Earth.)

There you go! 11-5! A 100% accurate Vikings prediction for the 2019 season!


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