Wadena Deer Creek Has Chosen Its New Head Wrestling Coach

Kyle Hagen has been a co-head coach with the Wolverines and last year was an assistant coach, but now he’s taking over the head coaching job full-time

Wolverine wrestlers know Kyle well as he’s been with the program for a number of years.  He says he’s in it for the long haul and hopes his vision of mentally tough, skilled wrestlers who have stamina to wrestle all 3 periods will pay off in improvement for a Wolverine team that’s depending on a small group to show marked improvement again this year.

Kyle watches a lot of college wrestling to keep up with wrestling trends and gather new ideas.  He’ll have several key wrestlers returning, including Simon Snyder and seniors Mason Snyder, Jason Young, Cody Wheeler and Logan Wegschied.

His assistant coaches will continue to be his brother Jeremy and Ivan Lorentz.  And he hopes the elementary program will provide some wrestling talent over the coming years.  Kyle points out that many second generation wrestlers are in the program now and are likely help the program climb back up the hill in Section 6A.   He says Athletic Director Norm Gallant has been very helpful in getting him what he needs as he transitions back to the head coaches job.

If you missed the Minnesota State High School League team section assignments, the same group will all be back in Section 6A for the next two years, with Bertha Hewitt Verndale Parkers Prairie as defending champion.  Right now, there appears to be no clear favorite in the section for the coming year.

But it’s sure to be a busy winter in 2018-19 as Kyle is the owner of 2 Wadena businesses, the Uptown and Owly Coffee Company.

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