WE Fest Traffic In Wadena Is Going To Be Awful

It’s 44 days until the WE Fest Party gets rolling and 47 days until traffic starts it’s sluggish, hungover trip towards home.

In Wadena anyway, traffic has always bottle-necked and has really been slow through town. It’s just the nature of the beast when you move from four-lane to two-lane. Roads close down, traffic crawls along, commuter’s heads hurt, locals freak out. It’s a hellish combination that’s missing one key element to make it, somehow, impossibly worse.

Road construction…

How dare you…

Check out the detour map HERE.

According to the DOT, the main crux of the construction will be “Late Summer/Early Fall”.

For those of you travelling that weekend, good luck. For those of you residing in other communities along the travel route, enjoy. For those of us in Wadena on August 4, pop the popcorn, grab a bag chair, fill up a cooler, and enjoy a day of gridlock. What else can we do?

It’s going to suck.


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