Pictured Super One employee Dale Olson

We Know When The New Super One Location Will Open!

I think it was last fall when I first heard the buzz that Super One Foods in Wadena, would be relocating back to it’s previous location near downtown Wadena next to Burlington Nothern Park.  My immediate reaction was….YES! 

I’m not alone in that feeling,  I have talked to many people about this exciting news.  Since then a lot of hard work has been completed and Super One Foods will open it’s doors on Wednesday may 1st!  To prepare for the move, the doors at the current location will close on the evening of Saturday, April 27. 

Not being shy, I sneaked in this morning as many of the folks working on this project were busy getting the store ready. The new Super One store is very impressive!  It’s up to date with everything you’d expect a modern grocery store to offer! I cannot wait for it to officially open…so I don’t have to sneak in anymore. 

So Super One Foods is back where many of us remember it near downtown Wadena! Best part for me…..when my appetite comes a calling during the work day, I’m literally one minute from their front door!

(Pictured Super One employee Dale Olson I made him pose..Sorry Dale, but also Thank You.)

Wadena is hopping now!  Remember this excitement from last month?


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