Well…It’s Definitely Getting To Be That Time Of Year

Oh no, I didn’t mean Deer Hunting, although that wouldn’t be a terrible option.

I meant getting the trusty tractor converted over for winter fun.  I remember a year ago by this time we were already what seemed like knee deep in snow flakes!  As I hammer away on this keyboard, I’m thinking what I should really be doing is getting the mower deck off of our John Deere tractor and get the snow utilities hooked up and ready. Especially since the weather has come around to sunny skies and warmer temps.

I haven’t completely procrastinated. We use our tractor to bag leaves too, so in a way I have been holding out as long as I can. Actually with just a touch of snow on the ground, maybe I should wait.  Either way, I’m not completely sure I’m ready for winter, but I guess we all will be one way or another.

Hunting sure sounds like a better idea.

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