We’re Not Running Out Of Toilet Paper

In the past week, many of us have driven to several locations in the hopes of finding some toilet paper.

Some people are hoarding toilet paper, with stories locally of shoppers with 2 carts full of toilet paper and others buying it up in quantities and then trying to sell it at a profit on the internet.

Two young guys in Tennessee went to stores in 2 states and bought up all the hand sanitizer, keeping it in a storage locker and attempting to sell it for $70 a bottle until they were kicked off several internet sites.  They’re now stuck with hand sanitizer they can’t sell and offered to donate, but that won’t solve their problems with the Tennessee Attorney General.

Toilet paper in this area disappears from the store shelves as fast as the truck arrives.  I saw it in person at Super One in Wadena on Friday night.  Stores are short on toilet paper, but the paper mills are not.

In Alabama, the Georgia Pacific mill in Naheola employs more than 900 people and Georgia Pacific says the company is seeing double the normal demand.  However, they say that they’ll have plenty of toilet paper to go around.  The company sells to offices, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and resorts.  Many of those places won’t be as busy with the coronavirus outbreak and demand will shrink there, which will be made up by the demand of personal consumers.  So don’t worry.  There will be toilet paper.

However, Georgia Pacific also manufactures hand sanitizer and they say the demand for hand sanitizer is ten times the normal amount!

Eventually, all this buying will even out and there will be plenty for everyone, so let’s not panic.  We all do better when calmer heads prevail.  Buy what you need, and leave some for everyone else.

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