What Are The Most Dangerous/Least Dangerous Activities During The Pandemic?

Doctors and medical professionals at three of the biggest hospitals in Kansas compiled a list of things you can do during the coronavirus pandemic that safe and very unsafe, wearing masks where possible and practicing social distancing.

Activities that are LEAST dangerous according to medical experts include:

  1. Opening the mail
  2. Going for a walk
  3. Pumping gas
  4. Going to the doctor’s office
  5. Shopping in a small store
  6. Playing golf with a group
  7. Shopping at the grocery store

These activities are MODERATELY dangerous:

  1. Going to the hospital or emergency room
  2. Using a public restroom
  3. Eating outdoors at a restaurant
  4. Getting your hair cut or styled
  5. Sharing work equipment
  6. Working out at a gym
  7. Attending an outdoor sporting event
  8. Attending church with a group of 30 or less
  9. Shaking hands
  10. Going to the mall

These activities are ranked in the HIGHLY dangerous category:

  1. Riding on a school bus
  2. Flying on a plane
  3. Eating in a restaurant
  4. Attending a funeral or wedding
  5. Visiting a nursing home resident
  6. Watching a movie at a theatre
  7. Attending an indoor sporting event or concert
  8. Attending church with a large group
  9. Going to a fair or an amusement park
  10. Hanging out at a bar

The bottom line is to protect yourself and others, and use common sense.  A vaccine likely won’t be available until next year.  See the complete list at wibw.com

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