What Are The Things People Do When They Drink Too Much?

Most of us have done it before…gotten drunk and done something you might be embarrassed to talk about later.  So what are the things other people have done when they’ve gotten drunk?

According to addictions.com who surveyed 2000 people…

685 have gotten naked in public…and the drink that caused that to happen was #1 Vodka, #2 Rum, #3 Tequila and #4 Whiskey

Of those same 2000 people, 212 have been arrested while drunk.  And the drink that most caused that to happen was…Whiskey by a wide margin.

In that same group of people 72 admitted they’d gotten a tattoo while drunk.  Most of those people were drinking Vodka by a wide margin.

It’s hard to believe, but more people have started a fire while drunk than have gotten a tattoo…and we’re not talking about a campfire.  An example?  A woman in Washington lit parked cars on fire while drunk.  Go easy on the tequila…it’s the number one drink for drunken arsonists.

Most of us can laugh about this survey, but drinking to excess often causes people to do stupid things, get sick or have a really bad hangover.  What causes the worst hangover according to the survey?

  1. Tequila…22%
  2. Vodka….20%
  3. Rum……14%
  4. Gin……..10%
  5. Scotch…8%

Go easy on the alcohol when it’s hot, mix in plenty of water and make sure you’re not drinking on an empty stomach and you won’t be part of the next statistics.


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