What Halloween Candy Will Be In Your Neighborhood Tonight?

We have finally arrived at Halloween 2019 version.

I know Mike Danvers has been talking about various Halloween themed topics on the morning show over the last week or so, and he even blogged about state-by-state popular candy for Halloween.  It got me thinking about what was popular when I was a kid. I looked up what Candy has been overall the most popular at Halloween over the years.  Here is what I found, including what was likley popular the year you were born, if you were born before 2000!

In 1973, I was probably at the peak of trick-or-treating as a kid. That year bottle caps were a hit, and yes i do remember getting them. Growing up 8 mile southeast of Motley, we were at the mercy of whereever Mom took us. Back then it was a hand full of neighbors, most of which we were related to. I was so envious of the kids that lived in town, they had it made at Halloween. Always getting the “Mother Load” of candy.  I remember getting fruit along with some candy, and if it was my Grandma’s, it most likely meant a popcorn ball that she made or a stocking hat that she knitted. At the time, I was so annoyed by that as a kid. Now I wish she was still here so I could thank her properly!

Halloween has sure changed over the years, but I can tell you that I am so looking forward to the little ghost and goblins that I hope show up at the radio station today. A few neighbors little ones now make our home a stop too!  The candy dish will be waiting!

  Have a safe Halloween to all!

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