What’s In A Name? It Matters If You Want To Make Money

Our Mom’s and Dad’s generally choose our name and what we do from there defines us as people.  But did you know that some names have a greater impact on your financial success than others?

A Study Finds survey analyzed 12 million names by the investment firm eToro to find out which names were most likely to earn more money than others.

Top money earning names among men…

  1. Andrew
  2. Sam
  3. Alex
  4. Christopher
  5. Darren

Top money earning names among women…

  1. Anna
  2. Maria
  3. Laura
  4. Helen
  5. Sarah

According to eToro’s managing director, your name distinguishes you from others and also affects the way others see you.  Studies by major universities found that people with easy to pronounce names were promoted more often and held senior job positions.

And before we’re done, here’s the worst names to have for investment success…


  1. Ali
  2. Rob
  3. Dan
  4. Chris
  5. Dominic


  1. Karen
  2. Claire
  3. Lisa
  4. Jennifer
  5. Rachel

Regardless of your name, being rational and calm are the two most important traits of good investors.

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