What’s The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Each State?

Almost 10 percent of Americans say that their favorite holiday is Halloween!  And although costumes and decorations are a big part of the holiday, the biggest part by far is candy!

71 percent of Americans buy more candy than they’ll need.  And why not?  Whatever is left over is yours to eat!  78 percent of parents steal candy from their kids Halloween bucket or bag and 28 percent of Moms and Dads eat more candy than their kids do.

A Monmouth University poll finds the top 3 favorite candies for Halloween are:

  1. Reese’s peanut butter cups 36 percent
  2. Snickers 18 percent
  3. M&M’s 11 percent

A candystore.com poll says the most popular candy in Minnesota is Skittles, while in Iowa and North Dakota it’s Candy Corn, South Dakota and Wisconsin residents favorite is Starburst.

Source: CandyStore.com.

The average kid will end up with 91 pieces of candy in their Halloween bag or bucket.

And please don’t hand out apples or popcorn balls.  We remember where you live for years to come.

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