Where Are My Missing Socks?

The other day I paired up all my socks in my dresser drawer.  And I found that I’m missing 4 socks!  Where have they gone?

Everyone wants to know the answer.  According to a report, the average person loses 15 socks per year!  That’s more than one every month.  And over a thousand in a lifetime!  And they aren’t disappearing into thin air.  They’re most likely being lost in your washer and dryer .

If you have a front loading washer the machine spins at very high speeds and socks can slip thru a hole or a slit in the gasket and get trapped in the space below the metal washing basket.  It also might be your fault.  Repair experts say it also happens because you put too many clothes in one load.  You’ll know you have too many clothes in a load if they don’t get clean or if you hear banging noises during the spin cycle.  When socks disappear in the dryer it’s usually because of a missing or damaged lint screen.

Is there an answer buying new socks more often?  One suggestion is to use a garment bag so the small items don’t get separated outside the drum of the washer or dryer.

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