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Where Does Minnesota Rank Among States With The Worst Drivers?

Many of us can agree that there are lousy drivers in the area.  And a lot more of them if you’re driving in the Twin Cities.  But how does Minnesota compare to other states?

Smart asset compiled the rankings combining number of fatalities per miles driven, DWI arrests per 1000 drivers, percentage of uninsured drivers and how often “speeding ticket” or “traffic ticket” was Googled.

These are the 5 states with the worst drivers…

  1. Mississippi
  2. Nevada
  3. Tennessee
  4. Florida
  5. California

Mississippi and Florida have the fewest drivers who are insured, with Mississippi at 76% and Florida at 73%.  Mississippi also has the second highest number of fatalities.  And this is the third year in a row that Mississippi has the worst drivers in America.

These are the 5 states with the best drivers…

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Utah
  3. Nebraska
  4. Vermont
  5. Maine

Oregon is the 13th worst state for drivers, but Portland, Oregon, is the worst city in the U.S. for drivers.  Where did the midwest finish?

North Dakota #20

Wisconsin #22

South Dakota #25

Minnesota #31

Iowa #36

The higher the number, the better the drivers.  As Sgt. Esterhaus used to say on Hillstreet Blues, “be safe out there.”

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