Where’s The Cold Weather? Try Florida…

We’re going through a January thaw here in Minnesota, but in Florida cold weather has settled in.

Ok, cold weather by Florida standards.  Their lows are still warmer than our high temperatures.  But Florida residents and creatures don’t deal well with temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s.  Universal theme park in Orlando closed their water park for several days.  Granted, nobody wants to run around in a swimsuit and get wet when it’s cold.  But it’s so cold that the National Weather Service in Miami issued not just freeze warnings but a warning that iguanas might be falling out of trees!

Iguanas often sleep in trees and when temperatures fall below 50 their bodies go dormant, and they fall to the ground on streets, cars and even people!  And yes, iguanas can be small, but they also grow up to five feet in length and 20 pounds…which you’d never want to fall on you.  Iguanas are cold blooded animals and they become lethargic once it gets cold.  They may even appear to be dead, but they aren’t!  It’s their body’s way of protecting them until it warms up.  Some will even burrow underground or head into the ocean where the water is warmer.  The larger iguanas can handle this cold weather better than the smaller ones, and iguana hunters are excited to capture the invasive creatures because they can’t run away!

Temperatures today ranged from 42 in Miami to 37 in Orlando, Ft. Myers and Jacksonville, to 36 in Tampa and 32 in Tallahassee.  Our high today is expected to be 32 degrees.  Man up Florida!

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