You’ll Never Guess Which State Has The Worst Winters

Haha yes you will… it’s us. put together and ranked the states with the worst winters and to no one’s surprise the midwest took a huge hit. And Minnesota? Hahahahahahahaha yeah we take home the top spot with almost no fight from anyone else.

Here’s how our beautiful border states held up:

11. Iowa

7. Wisconsin- “There’s a level of persistently grey, soul-squeezing frigidness here that can only be combatted with liberal doses of brandy Old Fashioneds and Spotted Cow along with various forms of fried dairy products.”

6. South Dakota

4. North Dakota- “In Downtown Owl, Chuck Klosterman writes of a sleepy North Dakota town in which the happenings are fairly mundane until a massive, unforgiving blizzard sweeps through and (spoiler alert) kills all three of the protagonists in different horribly depressing ways. The book is a work of fiction. OR IS IT?”

1. Minnesota- “And so we think that — despite all appearances — Minnesota does in fact have the most miserable winter in the United States.”

The link above will give you the full rundown of all 50 states. The article is super funny, fairly frivolous with cursing, and super on the nose. And in case you’re wondering, Hawaii was ranked 50 with the least worst winter.

Shoutout us and awful winters! I’m sure this winter will be just as awful as always.

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