Which State Needs To Lose Weight The Most?

The new year has just begun, but the biggest resolution from year to year is always to lose some weight .

We have those people in Minnesota who need to lose weight, but we’re nowhere near the obesity rate of most of the rest of the U.S.  According to Wallet Hub’s new list of the most overweight states, Minnesota is #46.

Here’s the five worst…

5  Tennessee

4 Kentucky

3 Arkansas

2 Mississippi

1 West Virginia

That same group also not surprisingly has the highest percent of adults with Type 2 Diabetes.  Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky and West Virginia have the highest percentage of Obese Children.

Other statistics find South Dakota has the highest percentage of overweight adults in the U.S.  Wisconsin is #4 and Iowa is #5 in the highest percentage of overweight children.  And Minnesota is impressively #47 in number of adults with high blood pressure.

The bottom group in the survey, which is where you want to be…

46 Minnesota

47 Massachusetts

48 District of Columbia

49 Colorado

50 Hawaii

51 Utah

Among the Upper Mid West states,  Iowa is #11, North Dakota is #20, Wisconsin is #23 and South Dakota is #44.

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