Who Are The NFL’s Biggest Whiners Among Fans And Coaches?

The mibets.com website surveyed over 5000 NFL fans nationwide and asked whose fans and coaches were the biggest complainers.

The 5 worst and why fans chose them…

  1. Dallas Cowboys – Playing the victim all the time
  2. New England – Also playing the victim
  3. Buffalo – Complaining on social media all the time
  4. Chicago – Complaining about bad officiating
  5. Philadelphia – Complaining about bad officiating

The Vikings and their fans?  We were #26 and other team’s fans think we use the victim mentality.  Well,  how many times have we gotten the short end of the stick?

Those annoying Packer fans?  They were #13 and also using the victim mentality.  Although they’ve had 2 Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the last 25 years.

But that’s not all…

The worst complainers among quarterbacks and coaches?

Quarterbacks…If you picked Tom Brady, step forward and collect your prize.

  1. Tom Brady/Tampa Bay
  2. Cam Newton/New England
  3. Josh Allen/Buffalo
  4. Aaron Rodgers…only number 4?
  5. Nick Foles/Chicago

Coaches…yes, it’s who you think it is.

  1. Bill Belichick/New England
  2. John Harbaugh/Baltimore
  3. Sean McDermott/Buffalo
  4. Matt Nagy/Chicago
  5. Matt Rhule/Carolina

Also…football is no different than politics.  43 percent of fans have unfriended someone because of their football opinions or rants.

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