Who Is Keeping Their New Years Resolutions?

94 percent of those responding to a Business insider poll say you should be able to keep your New Years resolution for a month.

However, the number drops to 78 percent by the end of February. By April, only 65 percent of people think you should keep going.  By June, it’s 50-50 to stay with your resolution.  By July those who stay with their resolution are down to 36 percent.  But experts say those people have made a new habit second nature by mid 2020.  By November 80 percent of people say it’s okay to give up and it might be time to make a new resolution for 2021.

Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota says that resolutions work best when you keep things simple and stick to a routine.  The most successful resolutions are ones that are small and reasonable changes in your lifestyle.

If your resolution was to start working out in the New Year, you’re not alone.  However making a resolution and actually getting started are two different things.

33 percent said they’d give up sex for a year to be instantly physically fit.  25 percent said they’d be willing to spend a week in jail!

And it seems most people have a good excuse.  These are the top excuses not to exercise…

  1. I don’t have time
  2. I don’t see results
  3. I feel I’m already too far out of shape
  4. I don’t have motivation to do it
  5. The gym is too far away

Sometimes it helps to exercise with a class, including friends.  There’s pressure to keep going and you can see progress together.  Whatever you do, whether it’s walking, running, lifting weights or attending an exercise class, getting in shape and losing weight doesn’t happen overnight.  It took time to fall out of shape and it’s going to take time to get back in shape.  Just remember, you’re doing it for yourself and in the end, it’s worth it.

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