Who Is Nature’s Most Fearsome Fighter?

Think of all the creatures in the animal kingdom and who would be the ultimate survivor in a battle?

YouGov.com did a survey, asking people how they’d stack up against the animal kingdom and maybe you wouldn’t be surprised at how some people think they’d fare unarmed.

If there was a fight, people think they’d do well against a….

  1. Rat 72 percent
  2. House Cat 69 percent
  3. Goose 61 percent
  4. Medium sized dog 49 percent
  5. Eagle 30 percent

Not quite as well versus…

  1. A large dog 23 percent
  2. Chimpanzee 17 percent
  3. King Cobra 15 percent
  4. Kangaroo 14 percent
  5. Wolf 12 percent

Not well at all, but a few in the survey actually thought they’d do well against a…

  1. Crocodile 9 percent
  2. Gorilla, Elephant and Lion 8 percent
  3. Grizzly Bear 6 percent

Confident or foolish?  If you saw Leonardo Di Caprio in “Revenant” you probably would change your mind about challenging a bear.

When animals were pitted against each other in the survey, elephants and rhinos were the winners, with grizzly bears, tigers, hippos and lions coming in a close second.

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