Who Was The Most Valuable Player At Viking Rookie And Free Agent Mini Camp Last Weekend?

It would be easy to point at first round pick Garrett Bradbury, but that’s probably not the case from what I found out.

The Vikings are looking for a third wide receiver to go with starters Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.  You might think Laquon Treadwell would be at the top of the list as a former first round pick, but the Vikings didn’t pick up his 5th year option, so he’ll be a free agent at the end of the season.  Aldrick Robinson, who caught 5 touchdown passes last year is still a free agent.  The fans seemed to like rookie Chad Beebe who played a lot like his dad Don Beebe, who spent 9 years in the NFL, mostly with the Buffalo Bills.  Chad missed the latter part of the season with a hamstring injury.  Brandon Zylstra made his opportunity with the Vikings by starring in the Canadian Football League but he only caught 1 pass last year.  And then, there’s the two rookie 7th round wide receivers Dillon Mitchell and Olabisi Johnson.  https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/private/t_actionshot_desktop/f_auto/vikings/hloue8oiezc9juirinwo

None of these players apparently has peaked the interest of the Vikings as much as Jeff Badet.

Jeff who?  Jeff Badet was a wide receive at Oklahoma and played with Baker Mayfield.  He is also the fastest player on the team.  And once again, the New York Jets are not happy with the Vikings.  Badet was on the Vikings practice squad last year and the Jets offered him a chance to join their team this off-season but the Vikings offered him a $75,000 signing bonus plus his $495,000 salary to stay put.  You don’t do that if you don’t have plans for a player.  So how did Jeff do at mini camp last weekend?  He watched from the sidelines because he has a groin injury, but says he’ll be ready to go by mandatory mini camp in early June.

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