Who’s Stealing Items In The Self-Scanning Checkout Lane?

I use the self-scanning lane sporadically.  Usually when I only have a few items.  But I’ve always wondered about how much shoplifting is done among self-scanners.

Now a new survey tells you how many people are stealing while scanning items themselves.

Voucher Codes pro is an internet coupon company and they surveyed over 2,000 people, with 20 percent admitting they’d stolen something at the self-checkout.  Half of those people said they did it because store security wasn’t going to catch them.  Auditing of a million transactions found that almost a million dollars was stolen in roughly 20 million dollars in sales!  Some stores have cut back on self-scanning, but over all self-scanning checkouts are expected to continue to grow in the next year.

Punishment for being caught isn’t likely.  In Dallas, Texas police won’t respond to a shoplifting call if the person has stolen less than 100 dollars worth of merchandise.

There’s even terms for stealing from the scanner.  Ringing up something expensive using the code for a cheap produce item is called “the banana trick.”  If you don’t scan an item it’s called “the pass around.”  And if you peel the sticker off something cheap and put it on something more expensive, that’s called “the switcheroo.”

One person online said they stole from a store because it wasn’t a moral issue. By making you scan your own items they are making you work at their store.  Some do it for the thrill of not getting caught.  They are called “Type T personalities.”

I’m not a fan of self-scanning.  I do it if the lines for the checkers is long, but I like to use a real checker because I want the store to invest in employees.  The best stores have the best employees.

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