Who’s Your Favorite, Mom Or Dad?

A new poll is out that asked 2000 people in England if they had a favorite, Mom or Dad?

About 50 percent of those polled said they did have a favorite!  40 percent said they liked Mom best, while 14 percent said they liked Dad best.  Mom has the edge while kids are growing up, but 33 percent of children choose Dad by the time they turn 13.  However, that lasts until they’re 20 years old and then most switch back to Mom.

Mom gets favorite status when children move into a house, get their first job or get married.  But Dad is pretty important when you learn how to drive and he also has more shared interests than Mom as children grow older.    Being able to talk about important things in your life plays an important role in having Mom or Dad as a favorite as well as spending quality time together.  Mutual respect, freedom to make your own choice and forgiving mistakes all rated high on favoring Mom or Dad.

According to the poll 21 percent of men admitted to being a Mama’s boy and 22 of women admitted to being a Daddy’s girl.  Does it matter to Mom’s and Dad’s that you have a favorite?  13 percent said they’re jealous.

That’s my Mom and Dad…They’re both really good parents.

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