Will The NFL Go To An 18 Game Schedule Or Not?

It’s training camp time and with the NFL labor deal ending soon, the players and owners are working on a new one they hope to have done by the start of the regular season.

The owners have offered a 2 game exhibition schedule and an 18 game regular season schedule.  What’s really interesting is the players have already said playing 16 games is plenty of wear and tear on their bodies.  But now the owners have offered an 18 game season with a 16 game limit for players.  Simple math says players get injured and many miss 2 games per season.  But what happens if they don’t suffer an injury?  How do you fit that into your teams’ lineup?

If you’re New England, when do you have Tom Brady sit out?  Some teams have a playoff spot clinched and sit out players the last game of the season.  But what happens if you don’t?  When do you sit out the left tackle who protects the highest priced player on your team?  Discussions have focused on exceptions for some positions like long snapper, holder, place kicker and punter.  The 16 game max for players sets up some interesting scenarios.

Do you sit out one of your best players against the worst teams?  Will you find out who’s sitting an hour and a half before the game when teams announce their inactive players?  It certainly sets up a chess game doesn’t it?  And most importantly for those of us who play fantasy football and bye weeks already taking a toll on our rosters, why this?

A recent twitter poll that drew 44,000 votes found:

62%  Stay with the 16 game schedule

24%  Want an 18 game schedule

9%     Want an 18 game schedule with a 16 game player limit

I don’t think the players want an 18 game schedule for any reason, but if the owners offer enough money or something else the players really want will they give in?

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