Will There Be High School Girls Wrestling Teams?

Discussion on having high school girls wrestling teams that would separate themselves from boys teams, where girls currently participate, was discussed during our wrestling broadcast from Verndale on Thursday night on KWAD.

Dan Lawson and I spent time talking about what he heard when he attended the Minnesota State High School League meeting recently.  Dan said that because of an increase in girls wrestling today that it was mentioned as a future possibility.  Quite a few teams have girls wrestling, but fielding enough girls to form a team would be quite a task in this area.  The High School League says there is interest but set no date for further discussion.  The biggest discussion was reserved for the problems with the current 14 weight classes.  Obviously, the best teams with the most wrestlers are able to fill all the spots, but most aren’t able to do that.  Coaches have expressed an interest in cutting at least 2 weight classes and perhaps as many as 3.  11 weight classes would guarantee that there wouldn’t be any tiebreakers.  What would the weight classes be?  Right now, coaches can agree to drop 106 and 195 pounds before a match, which is what happened when WDC wrestled Staples Motley.  Usually the High School League goes along with the national rules which right now is 14 weights.  However, many coaches want fewer weights.  As a coach and broadcaster I hear two things a lot…there’s too many heavier weights and if a school plays 9 man football, how are you supposed to fill 14 weights for wrestling?   There will be further discussion on this problem which makes for some lopsided matches with a number of forfeits.  Expect there to be a continued push for change on the weight classes.

Also…boys volleyball was discussed.  I believe there would be plenty of interest for the sport, but if you played in the fall, where would small schools get their athletes?  Football and cross country teams might lose players for a potential new sport.  Plus, any new boys sport would need to see the addition of a girls sport, or the subtraction of an existing boys sport to be in compliance with Title IX, the federal law that guarantees there won’t be gender discrimination in high school sports.

Plenty to think about and what will be happening in the future in Minnesota high school sports.

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