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Will There Be Real ID Panic At The Airport On October First?

It seems that you should be aware of needing a Real ID to fly beginning October first.

In Minnesota as of last month, only about 12 percent of us have a Real ID.  But it’s a big problem nationwide.  181 million people still don’t have a Real ID.  And according to a survey by the U.S. travel association half of all Americans are unaware that they’ll need a Real ID to get on a plane starting in October.  Minnesotans are slow to get the Real ID but in Oklahoma and Oregon they still haven’t even started issuing Real ID’s!  And of course, the wait until the last minute people is bound to cause huge problems.

Two thirds of all licenses that are valid in the U.S. are not presently compliant with Real ID.  The Airports Council International-North America is warning that passengers could be left stranded at the airport.  And there is still a push to extend the October first deadline to avoid a real crisis.  If you have a passport, you can use that in place of a Real ID.

To get more information on what you need to bring with you to a DMV office to qualify for a Real ID, go to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website.  If you don’t have the proper documents, you’ll be turned away, so be prepared when you go to get your Real ID.

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