Willie Nelson Cancels Tour

Willie Nelson is canceling another upcoming tour due to health concerns.

The country legend posted this on his website Wednesday night.
“To my fans, I’m sorry to cancel my tour, but I have a breathing problem that I need to have my doctor check out. I’ll be back. Love, Willie.”
The 86-year-old singer also had to cancel tour dates in February last year due to the flu, and this past January he ended a concert in San Diego mid-show, due to breathing difficulties.  Following that performance, Nelson canceled the remainder of his January appearances.
Nelson released his latest album, Ride Me Back Home, earlier this summer.
Willie wasn’t scheduled to appear anywhere nearby this summer.  For now, only tour dates through August 12 have been canceled.  His entire tour schedule is posted on his website.  It’s not known at this time if any of the upcoming appearances listed will be also canceled.

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