With 5 Games Left In The Regular Season, Here Are The Las Vegas Odds For The Super Bowl

At the start of the 2019 season the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs were the favorites to go to the Super Bowl, but they’re not the favorites any longer.

The Rams were 6/1 odds and the Chiefs were 7/1 odds to end up in Miami on February 2nd.  The Rams have now plummeted to 50/1 odds with their 6-5 record according to Las Vegas.  The Chiefs are still in the running with 9/1 odds. The favorites now?  New Orleans and New England.

Best Las Vegas odds to win the Super Bowl:

  1. New England 14/5
  2. New Orleans 4/1
  3. Baltimore 9/2
  4. San Francisco 8/1
  5. Kansas City 9/1
  6. Green Bay 12/1
  7. MINNESOTA 14/1
  8. Seattle 16/1
  9. Dallas 20/1

Those who have fallen the farthest from the opening odds?

The Bears and Chargers both started at 12/1.  The Bears are now 200/1 and the Chargers are 300/1.    The Steelers started at 14/1 and are now 100/1.   The Eagles and Colts started at 20/1 and are now 60/1.   The 49er’s started at 40/1 and are now 8/1.  The Vikings and Packers both started at 16/1.

The contenders have clearly separated themselves from the pretenders with 5 games left.  The Vikings have 2 road games left, at Seattle and at the Chargers.  They have all 3 home division games remaining on the schedule.  At 8-3 double digit wins are possible.  It appears injuries are the biggest concern, with bad weather not likely to be a factor.

Even though it’s hard to do, think positive Viking fans, anything is possible.

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