You Guys I’m Getting New Glasses

I visited the eye doctor yesterday for the first time in [redacted] years and I’m finally updating my bespectacled face with a new pair of glasses.

First, shout out to the fine folks at the Staples Eye Clinic for being very accepting of my eye doctor negligence. I feel like it would be super easy to be preachy and they just plain weren’t. But if I could have captured the look on Dr. Parrish’s face when I told her the brand of my glasses were Randy Jackson I would be writing about that right now instead. My glasses are old and it’s time for an upgrade.

Second, they let me test drive three different frames! For real! It was like checking out a library book. So, I brought home three new frames to help decide which I like the most.

Here’s the deal though… I’ve already ruled out one pair and I’ve been asking around for people’s rankings on the other two because I just can’t decide!

Below, is a mugshot looking side by side of me in the new frames. Let me know in comments of the FB page which pair you think I should go with. *You’ll notice they’re labled as “2” and “3”. That’s because I’ve already ruled out “1”.

One important note I’d like to make. I am already leaning a certain direction and already have rankings from my dear wife and lovely siblings. My choice will not be made democratically. This is purely a chance to rank the two options and possibly make fun of two really awful pictures. Please be gentle, I’m a delicate flower.

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