You’ll Be Hard Pressed To Find Someone Who Loves Tomatoes More Than Brad Williams

My wife gets all of the credit for the garden we have at home. That being said, I get credit for our inventory of tomato variety that we grow.

Tomatoes are for sure my favorite thing fresh out of the garden………right along with potatoes, peas, beans, carrots, beets, lettuce, egg plant, peppers, onions…well, you get the point.

But I love tomatoes. Fresh with some mayo and pepper, that first taste is delicious.  My wife loves growing tomatoes, but never liked eating them. I’m grateful she takes such good care of them during the growing season.  Each year we say we are going to cut back. Nope. Last year we planted 12 plants, this year (I counted this morning) we have 24 plants.

I look every morning at the growing progress of these gems. I will eat as many as possible, share with friends and co-workers, and of course when it comes to canning this fall, for sure we’ll have plenty for pasta sauce, salsa, and more.  The garden went in late this year like many others, but with warmer weather, I have to think we are in for a great gardening year again.

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