Young People Are Not Going To Do It Themselves

A new poll says young people don’t have the skills or the will to complete home projects themselves.

Only 25 percent of young people think they’re good at DIY skills.  A third of young people seek help on even the easiest of household chores because they’re afraid they’ll mess it up without some guidance.  10 percent of young people don’t have the patience for the job and another 14 percent just don’t have time.

But…the survey also found that some of the simple tasks they need help with is changing a light bulb!  Some people said they left a light bulb up for a full 3 weeks after it had burned out before getting some help!

Other projects they need help with is putting up wall paper, draining a radiator, painting, tightening a loose cabinet door and even fixing a loose screw.

Yes, these days when you need help you can turn to youtube for help, but more often than not young people call a professional repairman.  The most commonly called repairman is an electrician, followed by plumbers and an interior decorator.  Outside of professionals, who do young people call on most often for help?  Yes…it’s Dad.

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