Your Dog May Not Be Ready For Minnesota To Reopen

Most of us are ready for the state to reopen.  But if you have a dog, that means a change in routine.  They’ve enjoyed you being home more, sometimes all the time, and your dog may be over-dependent on you.

Dogs like consistency and predictability and they feel stress when things change.  Which is exactly what’s going to happen when you go back to work and kids go back to school.  You may see your dog do things they don’t normally do, including howling, pacing, chewing, trying to escape or even relieving themselves inside the house.

Some dogs are just naturally this way, even when you’re not home all the time.  However, if you’ve been home over the past 2 months experts say you should start to wean your dog off 24 hour a day attention before you return to work.  Give your dog some alone time so they understand that it’s going to be okay when you’re gone during the day in the future.

Talk to your veterinarian about ways to keep your dog busy and happy when you’re not at home any longer.  It will make the transition back to work and school much easier.

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