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Zach Bryan drops new album featuring collabs with Kacey Musgraves, The War and Treaty + more

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Courtesy of Warner Records

Zach Bryan‘s highly anticipated self-titled album is out now.

The 16-track project was written and produced by Zach and features collaborations with Kacey MusgravesThe War And TreatySierra Ferrell and The Lumineers

Of his new album, Zach shares, “I just wrote some poems and songs that I want to share because I think they’re special. Some of them are heavy, some of them are hopeful, but more than anything what’s most important to me is that they’re all mine.”

“If people listen to it, I’ll be grateful, if people don’t, I’ll still be grateful because I got the chance in this life to be original when it mattered,” he reflects.

The record is out on all digital music platforms now, and will be available in vinyl and CD October 13. Fans can preorder copies now.

Here’s the track list for Zach Bryan:

“Fear and Friday’s (Poem)”
“Summertime’s Close”
“East Side of Sorrow”
“Hey Driver” (featuring The War and Treaty)
“Fear and Friday’s”
“Holy Roller” (featuring Sierra Ferrell)
“Jake’s Piano / Long Island”
“El Dorado”
“I Remember Everything” (featuring Kacey Musgraves)
“Spotless” (featuring The Lumineers)
“Smaller Acts”
“Oklahoman Son”

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