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Bailey Zimmerman teaches Travis Denning his signature pose

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Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM

If you’ve been wanting to learn Bailey Zimmerman‘s signature pose, you’re not alone: so does Travis Denning.

Travis recently shared footage of him asking Bailey to teach him the ropes of that pose and his grunt.

“Is this how you do it?? @bailey.zimmerman,” Travis captions his Instagram reel. “Alright, am I doing it correctly?” he asks Bailey in the opening of the video before giving his best impersonation. Bailey then jumps in with his pose and grunt as Travis takes a stab at it again. 

“Oh, whatever. I’ll work on it,” Travis concludes begrudgingly at the end. 

You can watch the clip in full on Travis’ Instagram. 

Bailey’s fast approaching the top five on the country charts with his current single, “Religiously.”

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