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Brad Pitt reaches $20.5M settlement with Katrina victims over housing

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Brad Pitt at a Make It Right Foundation press conference in December, 2007; Matthew HINTON/AFP via Getty Images

Brad Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation reached a $20.5 million settlement with victims over faulty homes built in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, according to Page Six.

Global Green, an environmental nonprofit, has agreed to cover the settlement, which would rectify defects in the homes. The settlement needs a judge’s approval.

Residents of homes, built by the Make It Right Foundation, sued Pitt and his associates for defective design and building practices, breach of contract, and fraud. According to Nola.com, “many of the houses were poorly built with inadequate materials,” with the lawsuit claiming some of the homes “suffered from rain leakage that caused rot, structural damage and mold,” as well as “faulty heating, cooling and ventilation systems, plus electrical malfunctions and plumbing mishaps.”

While the Bullet Train star was the face of Make It Right, helping to raise millions of dollars to construct the homes that were sold for around $150,000 each, he wasn’t involved in the day-to-day responsibilities, according to Page Six. He stepped back in to assist when Make It Right proved itself to be incapable of fixing homes, which ultimately led to the lawsuit.

Pitt had previously petitioned to be removed from the 2018 suit, believing he should not be held responsible for the project’s actual construction.

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