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“Can this honestly get any better?”: Selena Gomez reveals Meryl Streep has joined ‘Only Murders in the Building’

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a behind-the-scenes post to Instagram, Selena Gomez revealed that none other than Oscar winner Meryl Streep has joined the cast of Hulu’s hit Only Murders in the Building.

The bit opens with Selena flanked by cast members Steve Martin and Martin Short. “What are we shooting?” she asks, smiling, before answering: “Season 3!”

“The gang is back,” she continues, panning her selfie video to reveal fellow cast member Andrea Martin waving her hellos.

“Can this honestly get any better?” Selena asks, to which another pan reveals Paul Rudd, who says, “Well, I do think it can get a little bit better.”

Selena answers, “What do you mean?” before Streep pops up behind her.

“Steve, do you need a pillow?” she asks Martin, who graciously accepts some support behind his back. “Marty, do you need anything?” the legendary actress asks, to which Short replies, “Just the tea I asked for a half hour ago.”

Selena says she’s fine, then finishes the video with a genuine OMG face.

There’s no debut date yet for the third season of the Emmy-nominated show, but it should drop later this year.

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