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City Of Wadena Now Enforcing 2-Hour Parking

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The Wadena Police Department has issued a press release on their Facebook page with details about a newly enforced 2-hour parking in downtown Wadena.

The press release states:

“*** Public Announcement 03-28-2022 ***

Have you noticed some new parking signs in downtown Wadena?
Well, here’s an explanation 🙂
Last summer, complaints of vehicles parking downtown ALL day were brought to the attention of the Wadena City Council. This concern of vehicles parking on the street all day, leaving only a few parking spots for shoppers to conveniently patronize our downtown establishments.
It was discussed by the City Council, and in an effort to assist the downtown businesses, especially after the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic had on them, it was decided that a two hour parking restriction would be put in place. Due to supply chain delays, the 2 Hour Parking signs are now being installed in the downtown areas.
The enforcement of this restriction will rely heavily on complaints during the day time, and proactive efforts during the night. We want to avoid targeting shoppers, so if we receive a complaint on a parking violation, we will respond, mark the vehicle and take appropriate action afterwards.
We are not looking to ticket violators that go over by a short amount of time, these complaints will be handled by the Wadena Police Department with the appropriate amount of discretion and on a case-by-case basis.
If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to call the Wadena Police Department and speak to any Officer, or Chief Naomi Plautz at (218) 631-7700.”
To see the Facebook post on the Wadena Police Department’s page, click HERE.