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“Cold Beer Calling My Name”: That time Luke Combs got Jameson Rodgers drunk onstage

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Emma Golden

Jameson Rodgers is knocking back the second top ten of his career right now: “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” with longtime supporter and label mate Luke Combs

It’s quite fitting that Jameson and Luke are finding success with an alcohol-related tune, since having a drink or two is definitely part of their friendship. Back in 2019, Luke took Jameson on the road with him, and the relative newcomer was bracing for his first end-of-tour prank.

“I’d never been on a tour like that, and so I was nervous,” Jameson explains. “I was like, ‘Man, I’m about to be onstage in front of 12,000 people and they’re gonna come up here and do something crazy and embarrass me.'”

“And so I made the band take…like, three shots before the show,” he recalls. “I was like, ‘If they’re gonna come up here and do anything, at least we’re gonna be a little buzzed.'” 

That turned out to be a prophetic mistake.

“We get up there, play the first song, and here they come with a shot,” Jameson remembers. “And I was like… ‘That was an easy prank. One shot?'”

“So we play the second song,” he continues. “Here they come again with another shot. Third song, another shot.”

“And it was a different kind of liquor every time, too,” he adds. “So it’d be like vodka, Jack Daniels, tequila. I mean, it was just mixing ’em. And the last one was Jager. And it took everything in my body not to projectile vomit in front of 12,000 people in an arena in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Jameson confesses he doesn’t even remember playing the last two songs in his show that night.

“Cold Beer” is the follow-up to Jameson’s debut #1, “Some Girls.”

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