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Darius Rucker may have been “a little too honest” in his memoir

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Honesty takes center stage in Darius Rucker‘s upcoming memoir, Life’s Too Short.

Arriving May 28, the book will detail Darius’ growing-up years, success in Hootie & the Blowfish and as a solo artist in country music, and the highs and lows experienced in between. 

“I was pretty honest in this book, maybe a little too honest,” Darius says of his candid storytelling. “You know what? It was time. Somebody asked me if I wanted to write a book, and my kids are all adults now, and it just seems like it was a good time to write a book.”

“I hope people enjoy it,” he adds. “I hope people learn a little bit about me from it.”

Life’s Too Short is available for preorder now.

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