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Dolly Parton has chosen her ‘Hello, I’m Dolly’ director

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Courtesy of Dolly Parton + DKC/O&M Co.

Dolly Parton has enlisted Tony Award-winning director Bartlett Sher to direct her upcoming musical, Hello, I’m Dolly.

“How lucky I am to have the great Bartlett Sher direct my Hello, I’m Dolly musical,” Dolly tells the press. “When you decide to put your whole life up on stage, you hope and pray to find the right director with the right creativity and sensitivity to present all the blood, sweat, tears, light, love, and laughter that I’ve experienced over seven decades of living. My heart tells me that Bartlett is the man and the director for the job.”

“Dolly is one of the great songwriters in the American canon, and being entrusted with the opportunity to help her translate that glorious talent into the American musical theater is not only an honor, but absolutely a thrill,” Bartlett adds.

Hello, I’m Dolly is slated to hit Broadway in 2026, with the “Jolene” singer serving as co-producer.

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